Did you know that FABARM has been making quality firearms in Italy since 1900? If twelve decades of innovation have taught their engineers anything it’s that you need to listen to shooter’s needs and be able to quickly adapt to the modern requirements of today’s athletes. As members of the USA Clay Target League, you’re competing in ALL of the major shooting disciplines: Skeet, Trap, and Sporting Clays!

As a result of this, the setup and needs of your shotgun can differ from discipline to discipline. So the question remains:
#1. Do you buy a separate and dedicated shotgun for each of the disciples that you’re shooting? Or
#2 do you try to do it all with what you have?

The first option can get quite expensive, and parents and athletes would much rather spend that extra money on targets and ammo. Additionally, all too often our shotgun lacks the features and adjustments necessary to keep that competitive edge across multiple disciplines. But, WHAT IF a shotgun manufacturer could equip a true “ALL Sport” model… And give us all of the top features needed to compete at the highest levels in multiple disciples with a single shotgun? This is exactly what the engineers at FABARM have developed with their new Elos N2 Allsport shotgun.

All passion – All disciplines – Allsport. The new Fabarm Elos N2 Allsport is the most versatile target shotgun ever created. This impressive model is able to convert into a high rib Trap gun, a low rib Sporting Clays gun and a Skeet gun in a matter of minutes. The revolutionary interchangeable rib system, which includes two Q.R.R. (Quick Release Ribs) one at 50/50 point-of-impact, and another at 65/35 point of impact. Also included is the Micro Metric adjustable stock which allows you to fine-tune the gun to your own measurements resulting in a better fit. The stock is ideally designed to fit the High school and Collegiate competitors and some adult shooters with a 14” LOP and slightly reduced pistol grip. An “XL” model is also available in a full-sized stock for shooters who don’t require the reduced stock dimensions. No matter which you choose, you can be confident the Fabarm Elos N2 Allsport will provide you with continuous clay crushing performance through all disciplines and bring you to the next level of shooting in All sports.