WSI Sportswear

Since 1990, WSI has achieved excellence by combining cutting-edge designs, high tech materials & ultra modern innovations which are crafted to provide the athlete with the most comfortable performing sportswear in the industry at its facility in Eagan, Minnesota.

We pride ourselves in our innovative HEATR® line, which is integrated with a proprietary fiber built deep within the fabric of the clothing. As your skin comes into contact with the HEATR® sportswear the fabric will expand, causing the fiber to heat up. This will make you feel so warm that you will want to cut down your layering in half! When you are equipped with our comfortable, lightweight HEATR® gear, know we have your back! As well as the rest of your body for that matter!

 WSI is proud to be involved in supporting the league and providing innovative, performance apparel such as, vests, jerseys, and pullovers. 100% Made in the USA & guaranteed quality of all products. Please contact us with your apparel & gear needs this year! You can reach out to 651.994.9945 or email us at We are offering a 20% off discount sitewide to test out any of our WSI gear. Simply enter code USATARGET20 when checking out at